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Dr Amrikha Ramsaran

Pain Management
Registered Number - R-404 , SR-00163
Port of Spain , Port of Spain
Experience - 11 Years
Languages - English

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TT$ 250.00

Profile Description

Dr. Amrikha Ramsaran is an experienced medical professional with a comprehensive background in Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, and Pain Medicine. With over 11 years of expertise in the field, Dr. Ramsaran has dedicated his career to providing exceptional patient care and pursuing excellence in his practice. Holding a Diploma in Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, and Pain Medicine, he has developed a strong foundation in delivering specialized care to patients with acute and chronic pain, as well as those requiring intensive care and anaesthetic management. Dr. Ramsaran has gained valuable experience working in various healthcare settings, including hospitals and pain clinics, where he has honed his skills and expanded his knowledge in the field. With a focus on delivering safe and effective anaesthesia for diverse surgical procedures, Dr. Ramsaran ensures optimal patient outcomes. He is also well-versed in perioperative pain control, postoperative care, and addressing the unique needs of patients throughout their surgical journey. Dr. Amrikha Ramsaran's commitment to patient well-being, extensive expertise, and dedication to ongoing professional growth make him a highly trusted and respected medical professional in the field of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, and Pain Medicine.”


  • MBBS, DM

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Pain Management is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of chronic pain conditions. Pain Management doctors are trained to provide comprehensive care and offer various interventions to help patients find relief from persistent pain.
Yes, Medicas provides online consultations with experienced Pain Management doctors who can assess your pain condition, evaluate your medical history, and provide personalized treatment plans. Through online platforms, you can discuss your pain concerns and receive guidance on managing your pain effectively.
A Pain Management doctor can address various types of pain, including chronic back pain, neck pain, joint pain, neuropathic pain, post-surgical pain, cancer-related pain, and other chronic pain conditions. They aim to alleviate pain, improve function, and enhance overall quality of life.
A Pain Management doctor can help by conducting a thorough evaluation of your pain condition, identifying the underlying causes of your pain, and formulating a tailored treatment plan. They may utilize a combination of medications, interventional procedures, physical therapy, and other non-surgical modalities to manage your pain effectively.
You should consider consulting a Pain Management doctor if you are experiencing persistent pain that significantly affects your daily activities, quality of life, and overall well-being. If your pain has not improved with initial treatments or if you require a specialized approach for pain management, seeking the expertise of a Pain Management doctor is recommended.
Yes, fibromyalgia is generally considered a lifelong condition, though symptoms can vary in intensity over time.
Complete recovery is rare, but many people manage their symptoms effectively with lifestyle changes, medication, and therapy.
There is no official staging system for fibromyalgia, but some sources refer to severe fibromyalgia as stage 4, characterized by extreme pain, significant disability, and major impacts on daily life.
Fibromyalgia primarily affects the musculoskeletal system but can also cause symptoms related to the nervous system, digestive system, and can impact sleep and mood.
Fibromyalgia affects people of all ages and genders but is more common in women, typically diagnosed in middle-aged adults.
No specific deficiency causes fibromyalgia, but some studies suggest a potential link with low levels of vitamin D and other nutrients that might influence pain and fatigue.
You can book an appointment with fibromyalgia specialists by registering with medicas, selecting a doctor, choosing a convenient slot and confirming the payment.
Consultations can be done Medicas for remote consultations. Always provide a thorough medical history and discuss your symptoms in detail.

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