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Dr. Tracey Jackson Brisbane, an esteemed Dietitian with an enriching 20-year journey dedicated to promoting holistic health through mindful nutrition. With an unwavering commitment to nourishing both body and spirit, Dr. Brisbane stands as a beacon of expertise, offering transformative guidance that has positively impacted countless lives. Dr. Brisbane's approach to dietetics transcends the conventional. She understands that each individual is unique, and her methodologies reflect a deep appreciation for the interplay between food, health, and well-being. Her passion lies not just in prescribing diets, but in fostering a profound understanding of the nourishing potential that food holds. From guiding clients in making informed dietary choices to designing personalized meal plans, Dr. Brisbane empowers her patients to embrace a sustainable path towards wellness. Her guidance extends beyond weight management, encompassing conditions such as diabetes, heart health, and gastrointestinal disorders, all underpinned by her evidence-based strategies.


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Medicas allows you to consult a health professional in diet and nutrition for a range of dietary and nutritional concerns. These may include weight management, meal planning, dietary restrictions, food allergies, sports nutrition, healthy eating guidance, and general nutrition education.
To schedule an online consultation with a health professional in diet and nutrition through Medicas, log in to your account and browse through the available professionals. Select a convenient date and time for your consultation and follow the prompts to confirm your appointment. Detailed instructions on how to connect for your virtual consultation will be provided.
Absolutely! It is important to discuss your dietary habits, goals, and specific needs during the online consultation with the health professional in diet and nutrition. You can describe your current eating patterns, nutritional concerns, weight-related goals, medical conditions, or any specific dietary requirements you have. Sharing this information helps the professional provide tailored recommendations.
Yes, health professionals in diet and nutrition can create personalized meal plans and provide dietary recommendations through Medicas. They can help you design a well-balanced diet based on your preferences, goals, and any dietary restrictions you may have. They can also offer guidance on portion control, nutrient intake, and healthy eating habits.
Certainly! Medicas allows you to consult with health professionals in diet and nutrition for managing specific health conditions or addressing nutritional deficiencies. They can provide guidance on managing conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, or gastrointestinal disorders. They can also offer advice on optimizing nutrient intake to address specific deficiencies.
Yes, Medicas supports follow-up consultations and ongoing support from health professionals in diet and nutrition. They can provide regular check-ins, monitor your progress, discuss meal plan adjustments, offer nutritional education, and provide continuous support for achieving your dietary goals through virtual consultations.
The types include undernutrition (wasting, stunting), overnutrition (obesity), micronutrient deficiencies, and protein-energy malnutrition.
Symptoms can include weight loss, fatigue, weakened immune system, slow wound healing, and impaired cognitive function.
Causes include inadequate food intake, poor diet quality, digestive disorders, chronic diseases, and socioeconomic factors.
Diseases can include kwashiorkor, marasmus, anemia, scurvy, rickets, and various deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.
There are no universally defined "steps" of malnutrition, but addressing it typically involves improving diet quality, treating underlying conditions, and providing nutritional support.
Prevention strategies include promoting balanced diets, breastfeeding infants, addressing socioeconomic inequalities, and providing access to healthcare.
Side effects can include impaired growth and development, weakened immune system, organ damage, and increased susceptibility to infections.
Blood tests can measure levels of specific nutrients like iron, vitamin B12, and albumin to assess nutritional status.
Use Medicas for booking an appointment with a top malnutrition doctor by simply registering, selecting a slot and confirming the payment.
Look for the doctor with expertise in malnutrition treatment, their experience and reviews in Medicas and select the best according to you amongst them.

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