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Dr Kymmi Caesar

Vascular Surgery
Registered Number - C-225
Port of Spain , St George
Experience - 12 Years
Languages - English

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Dr. Kymmi Caesar, an accomplished vascular surgeon with 12 years of combined surgical and medical management experience. Dr. Caesar's dedication to vascular health, along with a strong educational foundation, makes him a trusted figure in providing comprehensive care. Dr. Caesar specializes in vascular surgery, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of various vascular conditions. His diverse experience allows him to address a wide range of vascular issues, providing personalized treatment plans for her patients. Dr. Caesar's approach to vascular surgery is characterized by his unwavering commitment to patients' well-being.


  • B.Med,MBBS


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Vascular Surgery is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the blood vessels, such as arteries and veins.
Yes, Medicas offers online consultations with experienced Vascular Surgeons who can provide guidance and answer your questions regarding vascular-related concerns.
A Vascular Surgeon can diagnose and treat various vascular conditions, including arterial diseases, venous disorders, and lymphatic disorders.
Vascular Surgeons are skilled in performing procedures such as angioplasty, stenting, bypass surgery, endovascular repair, and vein treatments.
A Vascular Surgeon can assess your symptoms, conduct diagnostic tests, provide treatment options, and perform surgical interventions when necessary to improve blood flow and manage vascular conditions.

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