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Are you experiencing medical symptoms and need immediate advice from a qualified doctor? With Consult Now 24/7 by Medicas, you can book an instant doctor appointment in just a few simple steps, saving you time and providing peace of mind.

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Common Symptoms We Can Help With

Consultation Fee At Just

TT$ 175

(Excl. of all taxes)

Fever icon

Fever, Cough & Cold

Headaches  icon

Headaches & Migraines

Digestive issues icon

Stomach Pain & Digestive Issues

Skin Issues Icon

Skin Problems & Rashes

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Our doctors are equipped to handle a wide range of symptoms and conditions, ensuring you receive the necessary care.
Don't let your symptoms go untreated or wait in long queues. Consult Now 24/7 and get the medical assistance you need, when you need it.

How Does Online Doctor Consultation Work?



Signup with the app by registering your mobile number and using your preferred MPIN

Describe your illness

Describe your illness

Fill in the concerns you are facing in the describe your illness section.

Pay & Connect with Doctor

Pay & Connect with Doctor

Select your preferred method and complete the payment processing to connect with a certified specialist.

Benefits of Consult Now 24/7

7 Benefits of Instant Online Doctor Consultation

Easy access to medicas


Instant access to healthcare professionals irrespective of geographical barriers, ensuring medical guidance from anywhere at any time.

Convenient healthcare app


Effortlessly connect with doctors without the need for physical travel, enabling consultations from the comfort of one's home or office.

Affordable healthcare app


Affordable consultations at a fixed nominal fee, avoiding additional expenses related to travel and other overheads associated with in-person visits.

Quick response from healthcare professionals

Timely Assistance

Swift response to non-emergency medical queries, ensuring timely attention and guidance from experienced healthcare professionals.

Flexible healthcare app


Offers flexibility allowing users to seek medical advice on their schedules, enhancing convenience and patient empowerment.

Safe and secure healthcare app

Secure Communication

Utilizes secure digital platforms for communication, ensuring privacy and confidentiality of patient information during consultations.

Expert doctors from Medicas

Expert Medical Opinion

Facilitates interactions with certified doctors having vast experience, providing valuable medical insights and guidance for various health concerns.

Top Treatments for Instant Online Doctor Consultation

Why Should You Prefer Online Doctor Consultation Over In-Person Doctor Consultation

Easy and Accessible

Specialist Access: Gain access to a wider range of specialists and medical opinions even if you are living in remote areas.

Easy and Accessible

Time-saving: You can skip the waiting room and get prompt medical attention without disrupting your schedule.

Easy and Accessible

24/7 online consultation: Individuals can still receive medical attention even in the non business working hours at times that suit them the best

According to Statista Report on Online Doctor Consultations - Worldwide

Statista Report of Online Doctor Consultations

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Get Your Answers

Scheduling a Consult Now 24/7 appointment is effortless. Just select your medical concern, input patient details, upload any relevant documents for the doctor's review, and confirm payment. Within minutes, you're connected with a qualified healthcare professional ready to assist you.
Our online doctors are equipped to address various non-emergency medical conditions. Whether it's general health queries, skin issues, women's health, digestive problems, allergies, or chronic conditions, our doctors provide expert advice and treatment guidance.
Absolutely, all our online doctors are highly qualified and certified professionals. They undergo stringent verification processes and are experienced in their respective medical specialties, ensuring reliable and credible consultations.
Confidentiality is paramount in our online consultations. Patient privacy is rigorously maintained throughout the consultation process, ensuring secure, private, and discreet interactions between patients and doctors.
The cost of an online consultation on Medicas is affordable and transparent. For just 200 rupees per consultation, patients gain access to immediate medical advice from certified doctors, eliminating the need for physical appointments and saving valuable time.
The duration of an online doctor consultation can vary based on the complexity of your concern. Generally, consultations on Medicas' Consult Now 24/7 platform last around 15 to 30 minutes, allowing ample time for a thorough discussion of your medical issue.
Yes, if the doctor deems it necessary after assessing your condition during the online consultation, they can provide prescriptions for medications or recommend further diagnostic tests.
Absolutely, Medicas prioritises security and confidentiality. Our platform utilises robust encryption and follows strict privacy protocols to ensure all interactions between patients and doctors are secure, private, and HIPAA compliant.
Making a payment for your online consultation is a hassle-free process on the Medicas platform. Once you've confirmed your consultation details, you can securely complete the payment through various convenient online payment modes available.
Medicas strives for patient satisfaction. If you feel dissatisfied with the consultation, please reach out to our customer support within the stipulated time frame for evaluation. We aim to address any concerns promptly and ensure your experience is positive and valuable.

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