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Best Dermatologists in India

Experience - 33 Years
Languages - English, Hindi and Telugu

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₹ 399.00/-  
Experience - 17 Years
Languages - English, Hindi and Telugu

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₹ 699.00/-  
Experience - 15 Years
Languages - English, Hindi, Telugu

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₹ 499.00/-  
Experience - 11 Years
Languages - English, Telugu

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₹ 599.00/-  

Dr Raju Singh

Registered Number - RMC-23496
Pali, Rajasthan
Experience - 8 Years
Languages - English, Hindi, Punjabi

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₹ 299.00/-  
Experience - 4 Years
Languages - English, Telugu, Tamil

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₹ 399.00/-  
Experience - 4 Years
Languages - English, Hindi and Telugu

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₹ 529.00/-  
Experience - 1 Years
Languages - Hindi, English and Punjabi

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₹ 500.00/-  

FAQ’s about Dermatologists

Medicas allows you to consult a dermatologist for a variety of skin, hair, and nail-related concerns. These may include acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, skin infections, hair loss, skin allergies, mole evaluation, cosmetic procedures, and general skin care advice.
To schedule an online consultation with a dermatologist through Medicas, log in to your account and browse through the available dermatologists. Select a convenient date and time for your consultation and follow the prompts to confirm your appointment. Detailed instructions on how to connect for your virtual consultation will be provided.
Absolutely! It is encouraged to discuss your skin condition in detail during the online consultation. You can provide a thorough description of your symptoms, duration of the condition, any triggering factors, and share images of the affected area if necessary. This helps the dermatologist in assessing and diagnosing your condition more accurately.
Yes, dermatologists can prescribe medications and recommend skincare products through Medicas based on your condition. They can provide prescriptions for topical treatments, oral medications, or recommend over-the-counter skincare products to address your specific skin concerns. The dermatologist may also suggest lifestyle modifications or home remedies, if appropriate.
Certainly! Medicas allows you to consult with dermatologists for cosmetic concerns and procedures. Whether you have questions about skincare routines, anti-aging treatments, dermal fillers, Botox, chemical peels, or other cosmetic procedures, a dermatologist can provide guidance and recommendations based on your goals and needs.
Absolutely! Medicas supports follow-up care and guidance from dermatologists for ongoing skin conditions or treatments. Dermatologists can monitor your progress, provide additional recommendations or adjustments to your treatment plan, and ensure that you are achieving the desired results through virtual consultations.

Note: These FAQs are intended to provide general information for consulting a dermatologist online through the Medicas platform. For specific inquiries or concerns, it is recommended to refer contact our customer support number 90534 90543 (India) | +1 868 365 2800 (Caribbean) for further assistance.

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