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Dr Shubham Agrawal

Internal Medicine
Registered Number - rmc20576
Jaipur , Rajasthan
Experience - 7 Years
Languages - Hindi, English

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₹ 200.00/-

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  • MBBS, MD


    Indian journal of transplantation

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    Indian journal of transplantation

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    Indian journal of transplantation


Internal Medicine is a specialized field of medicine that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Internal Medicine doctors, also known as Internists, have expertise in managing a wide range of medical conditions.
Yes, Medicas offers online consultations with experienced Internal Medicine doctors who can provide comprehensive medical care and management of various health conditions. They can address your concerns, provide guidance on preventive measures, and offer treatment recommendations.
An Internal Medicine doctor can treat a wide range of medical conditions in adults. Some common conditions include hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, respiratory infections, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, endocrine disorders, autoimmune diseases, and infectious diseases, among others.
An Internal Medicine doctor can conduct a thorough evaluation of your medical history, perform physical examinations, order diagnostic tests, and provide a comprehensive treatment plan. They can manage chronic conditions, provide preventive care, address acute illnesses, and coordinate care with other specialists if needed.
You should consider consulting an Internal Medicine doctor for routine check-ups, managing chronic diseases, addressing acute illnesses, or seeking guidance on preventive healthcare measures. They can serve as your primary care physician and provide personalized medical care based on your specific needs.

Note: These FAQs are intended to provide general information for consulting an Internal Medicine doctor online through the Medicas platform. For specific inquiries or concerns, it is recommended to refer contact our customer support number 90534 90543 (India) | +1 868 365 2800 (Caribbean) for further assistance.

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Dr Shyam Kishore

Internal Medicine
Registered Number - 59856
New Delhi, New delhi
Experience - 10 Years
Languages - English, Hindi

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₹ 500.00/-  

Dr Vsryadav Dr

Internal Medicine
Registered Number - 94884
Hyderabad, Telangana
Experience - 7 Years
Languages - English, Hindi, Telugu

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Dr Prithwiraj Maiti

Internal Medicine
Registered Number - 75333
Kolkata, West Bengal
Experience - 7 Years
Languages - English, Hindi, Bengali

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