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Best Endocrinologists in India

Dr Behera Jagadish

Registered Number - 16558/2008
Bhubaneswar, ODISHA
Experience - 14 Years
Languages - English,Hindi, Odia, Bengali

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₹ 400.00/-  
Experience - 11 Years
Languages - English, Hindi and Telugu

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₹ 799.00/-  

Dr Gunna Sri Harsha

Registered Number - APMC/FMR/79783
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Experience - 10 Years
Languages - English, Hindi and Telugu

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₹ 799.00/-  

Dr M S Ahmad

Registered Number - AMC22447
Patna, Bihar
Experience - 8 Years
Languages - Hindi Urdu English Bhojpuri

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₹ 500.00/-  

Dr M. Afzal Husain

Registered Number - TSMC/FMR/05732
Hyderabad, Telangana
Experience - 3 Years
Languages - English, Hindi, Urdu

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₹ 799.00/-  

FAQ’s about Endocrinologists

Medicas allows you to consult an endocrinologist for a variety of hormonal and metabolic disorders. These may include diabetes, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, adrenal disorders, pituitary gland issues, reproductive hormone disorders, and more.
To schedule an online consultation with an endocrinologist through Medicas, log in to your account and browse through the available endocrinologists. Select a convenient date and time for your consultation and follow the prompts to confirm your appointment. You will receive detailed instructions on how to connect for your virtual consultation.
Yes, discussing lab test results with the endocrinologist is an essential part of the consultation. You can share any relevant lab reports or diagnostic tests related to your hormonal or metabolic condition. The endocrinologist will review these results and provide insights, explanations, and recommendations based on the findings.
Absolutely! Medicas provides the opportunity to consult with endocrinologists who specialize in diabetes management. You can seek guidance on blood sugar control, insulin management, lifestyle modifications, dietary recommendations, and overall diabetes care. The endocrinologist can help you optimize your diabetes management plan.
Yes, endocrinologists can prescribe medications for hormonal conditions through Medicas if deemed necessary. They can provide prescriptions for medications related to diabetes, thyroid disorders, hormone replacement therapies, and other relevant treatments. The endocrinologist may also recommend lifestyle changes or non-pharmacological approaches depending on your condition.
Certainly! Medicas supports long-term management and follow-up care for hormonal and metabolic disorders. Endocrinologists can provide ongoing support, monitor your condition, and make necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. They can help you achieve optimal health and manage your condition effectively through virtual consultations.

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